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Speedi-sleeve and tool kit
Part # 99196 | Line Code: SKF


Not Fitted / Universal

Features & Benefits
SKF Speedi-Sleeves are a fast and effective way to refinish worn shafts. Installation is possible without having to remove the shaft, and requires no change in seal size. Unlike time-consuming shaft regrinding and refinishing techniques that can produce poor-quality sealing surfaces, Speedi-Sleeve installation is fast and ensures an ideal outer sealing surface every time; go from scored to restored in less than five minutes! Engineered from the finest AISI 304 stainless steel, Speedi-Sleeve sizes cover shaft diameters from .5 inches to 8 inches (12mm to 200mm). Each Speedi-Sleeve comes with an installation tool to ensure proper results. SKF products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring long life and safety.

Application Summary

BMW 1998-1978, Buick 1963-1961, Chevrolet 1995-1972, Dodge 1999-1994, Eagle 1989-1988, Ford 2015-1987, GMC 1985-1982, Infiniti 2001-1990, Isuzu 1987-1981, Iveco 1988-1983, Jeep 2002-1985, Lexus 1993-1990, Lincoln 2008-1992, Mercury 2005-1992, Nissan 2004-1986, Renault 1987-1984, Subaru 2014-1989, Toyota 2006-1968, Volkswagen 1991-1984
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