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Core and EHC Fees

This site may display additional charges tied to particular automotive parts or chemicals, generally termed "Core" or "EHC". Please see below for clarification regarding these terms. If you have concerns or questions about whether a particular Core/EHC fee is refundable, please consult one of our stores for clarification prior to making your purchase.

Cores for Component Parts

In the case of actual vehicle component parts (like axels, brake calipers, etc.) these charges represent a charge that is refunded back to the customer when a new part is purchased and after the old part is returned. Core charges in this context are intended to encourage customers to bring back the old part so that it may be remanufactured. Note that there are frequently rules around how such a core is returned, including using the manufacturer's box that the new part was purchased in. Failure to precisely follow the manufacturer's instructions will risk rendering the core non-refundable.

Cores for Consumables (EHC)

In context of consumables such as filters or chemicals, or other items deemed by the federal government to require a charge in order to facilitate safe disposal, the term "Core" may be used interchangeably with "EHC" or Environmental Handling Change. Core values in this case are payable by the customer and are NOT refundable regardless of any terminology to the contrary. These charges are determined by the government to support recycling and disposal efforts and the fees stay within the recycling/disposal industry.

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