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Powered 3-to-2-wire taillight converter
Part # 59190 | Line Code: CUR


Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Finish - XA N/A
Parcel Allowed - XA Yes
Rate Class - XA 70.0
Item Length - XA 0.000
Product Weight - XA 0.000
Retail Length - XA 9.000
Item Height - XA 0.000
Warranty One-Year Limited Warranty
Class ID 0
Item Width - XA 0.000
Box Width in Inches - XA 0
Box Height in Inches - XA 0
Box Length in Inches - XA 0
Retail Height - XA 3.000
Output Type 4-Way Flat
Retail Width - XA 6.000
Battery-Powered Yes
Item Class - XA CPE
Title Powered 3-to-2-Wire Taillight Converter
Circuit-Protected Yes
Tail Light Circuits 7.5 Amps Per Circuit
Shipping Weight - XA 1.375

Features & Benefits
When your vehicle does not readily provide an electrical connection for hooking up your trailer, CURT electrical converts offer the solution. Working tail lights on your trailer are absolutely essential any time you tow, and a converter provides an effective way to properly equip your vehicle for safe towing. A CURT electrical converter, much like our custom vehicle-to-trailer wiring harnesses, provides a trailer connector on your vehicle by splicing into the vehicle's electrical system. Electrical converters are designed to splice directly into the taillight wiring, rather than plugging into various sockets, giving them the nickname \"taillight converters\". Though it requires a little extra work compared to a custom wiring harness, a tail light converter offers a reliable, long-term connector solution. This CURT electrical converter is designed to convert a 3-wire system to a 2-wire system and provides a standard 4-way flat connector socket to plug in your trailer. This converter is made with cutting-edge surface-mount technology (SMT) circuitry, featuring electrical components that are mounted directly to the surface of the board rather than being inserted into a series of holes. SMT circuits have longer life cycles, lower resistance, reduced heat generation and are more reliable than through-hole-mounted components.

Application Summary

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