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Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Heavy Duty Supplier Yes
California_Prop 65 Message Y

Features & Benefits
The structure and design of Spectra Premium Radiators are built to undertake the same durability and expectations of that of the OE.

Application Summary

00-99 Cadillac Escalade (V8 5.7L); 94 Chevrolet Blazer (V8 5.7L); 00-95 Chevrolet C35 (V8 5.7L); 99-96 Chevrolet C1500 (V8 5.0L); 99-94 Chevrolet C1500 (V8 5.7L); 99-96 Chevrolet C1500 Suburban (V8 5.7L); 99-96 Chevrolet C2500 (V8 5.0L); 00-94 Chevrolet C2500 (V8 5.7L); 99-96 Chevrolet C2500 Suburban (V8 5.7L); 00-94 Chevrolet C3500 (V8 5.7L); 94-92 Chevrolet C3500HD (V8 5.7L); 94-92 Chevrolet C3500HD (V8 7.4L); 99-96 Chevrolet K1500 (V8 5.0L); 99-94 Chevrolet K1500 (V8 5.7L); 99-96 Chevrolet K1500 Suburban (V8 5.7L); 98-97 Chevrolet K2500 (V8 5.0L); 00-94 Chevrolet K2500 (V8 5.7L); 99-96 Chevrolet K2500 Suburban (V8 5.7L); 00-94 Chevrolet K3500 (V8 5.7L); 99-95 Chevrolet Silverado (V8 5.7L); 02-01 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 (V8 5.7L); 04-01 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 (V8 5.7L); 02-00 Chevrolet Sonora (V8 5.7L); 99-95 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 (V8 5.7L); 02-01 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 (V8 5.7L); 00-95 Chevrolet Tahoe (V8 5.7L); 99-96 GMC C1500 (V8 5.0L); 99-94 GMC C1500 (V8 5.7L); 99-96 GMC C1500 Suburban (V8 5.7L); 98-96 GMC C2500 (V8 5.0L); 00-94 GMC C2500 (V8 5.7L); 99-96 GMC C2500 Suburban (V8 5.7L); 00-94 GMC C3500 (V8 5.7L); 94-92 GMC C3500HD (V8 5.7L); 94-92 GMC C3500HD (V8 7.4L); 99-96 GMC K1500 (V8 5.0L); 99-94 GMC K1500 (V8 5.7L); 99-96 GMC K1500 Suburban (V8 5.7L); 98 GMC K2500 (V8 5.0L); 00-94 GMC K2500 (V8 5.7L); 99-96 GMC K2500 Suburban (V8 5.7L); 00-94 GMC K3500 (V8 5.7L); 00-94 GMC Yukon (V8 5.7L)
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