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Heavy duty oil stabilizer
Lucas Oil Products
Part # 20001 | Line Code: LUC


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Features & Benefits
Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is a 100% petroleum product developed and perfected through thousands of hours of laboratory and field-testing. The result is a product proven capable of servicing the lubricating needs of many industries. The oil itself is a specially formulated blend of premium oils plus a variety of petroleum-extracted additives blended together to make one product that will meet several needs at one time within an engine or gear box. In most automotive applications, Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is meant to be a supplement to other oils. The primary benefits of Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer are as follows: For preventative maintenance, it virtually eliminates dry starts and wear. It extends oil life and lowers oil temperature in any engine, gasoline or diesel. It raises oil pressure, reduces smoking, leaking, knocking and blow by in worn engines. It also helps to control noise, overheating, leaks and wear in gearboxes. Since Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is 100% petroleum, it can safely blend with all other automotive lubricants, even synthetic oils. The concentration of protective additives to the ratio of base oil is such that the maximum lubricity of Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is attained by using it at a ratio of 20% to 60% with other oils. At this point the entire oil mix becomes much slicker than oil alone. This reduction of friction allows any machine to do a given job with the use of less energy. This condition also creates a reduction in temperature, which extends the life of the oils as well as the seals, bearings and other components. Lucas Heavy Duty Stabilizer protects against rust, corrosion and dry starts caused by long periods of nonuse. Oil treated with Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer will not run off cylinders and gears. This product is a must for motor homes, combines, construction equipment, boats, military equipment or anything that sits idle for long periods of time. Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer can be

Application Summary

In engines use approximately 20% or one quart to each gallon of any plain motor oil, petroleum or synthetic. In badly worn engines, use more up to 60% or 80% if necessary. In manual transmissions and transfer cases use 25% to 50%. In differentials use 25% to 50%. In badly worn or noisy differentials use 50% to 100%. In industrial gear boxes use 25% to 50% for preventative maintenance and less power drain. If necessary use 50% to 100% to stop leaks and overheating.
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